trains, planes, automobiles….minus the planes

We wanted to experience a little train travel so we took a trip up to Seattle this weekend.

Traveling by train is such a pleasure and I highly recommend it! There’s lots of room, bathrooms and dining. The chug-a-chug-a-chug-a is rather soothing for laying back in your seat or, if you want to stretch your legs, you can walk through to the other cars for a change in scenery.

first we rode the max to the train station…

Img 2576Web

Img 2580Web

Img 2581Web

Train time!…the starlight on the coast train: very cozy and roomy.

Img 2582Web

Img 2585Web

There is a scenic car with full windows to enjoy the view. We watched the sun set.

Img 2590Web

Img 2593Web

Img 2588Web

There is a dining car. We enjoyed dinner. (and you can enjoy some blurry photos, aka impressionism)

Img 2595Web

Img 2597Web

Img 2596Web

Once we arrived in Seattle we took a cab and it was swim time at the hotel…

Img 2609Web

and Spongebob on the laptop…

Img 2614Web

We had a nice city view from the 44th floor…

Img 2615Web

This is about as much of the sights we got to see this weekend. It was really just about the train;)

Img 2616Web

On the way home we took the cascades train. It moves faster, but its also more crowded and less about the comfort. Still comfortable but no reclining seats, less leg room and no scenic car.

I’d love to take a longer trip sometime, maybe when the kids are a bit older. Seattle was long enough for now.

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