We’re alive!

long time no blog, eh? this could get chatty…

We discovered world of warcraft and its been quite a time suck. The kids play off and on and want my help…then Jason and I play in the evening together. Its almost like a date without finding a babysitter! and we’ve made a few friends in the process. I’m up to a level 60 out of 80, so not sure how much longer before the obsession wanes.


The kids had a blast at an indoor play place that totally rocks as far as stuff for all three ages to do. Out of this World Pizza and Play. Of course we picked up the sickies…but our immune systems will be all armored up for next time, right?

Xander and I did the grocery shopping together this week and it’s always hilarious the things we buy when Xander is helping. We came home with four boxes of popsicles, one of which has all the dyes you never wanted. So they have green and blue mouths. We also came home with gummie worms *and* bears and coco puffs.

They get a couple days of survival on empty calories before it all runs out and then…oops, we’re left with the healthy stuff mom picked out.

Here are my babies today. The big boys went with Jason to get haircuts and isaac came back with no hair. oh well…(and simon is all stuffy with the sickies).

Dsc 0003Web

Dsc 0004Web-2

Dsc 0005Web

Dsc 0006Sm-13

3 Responses to “We’re alive!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Nooooo! Not WOW! My brother is like the super warlord of WOW. He is totally addicted to it, but it has paid off at times. Twice now he has sold his accounts for somewhere around $800!

  2. Zoe Says:

    lol! I dunno how long we’ll be interested in it. It has been amazing inspiration for a lot of learning for the kids…math, reading, economics.

  3. Barbra Says:

    I like reading your blog, so glad you updated it. Your boys are cute with their new cuts. Do you remember Julie, Erika’s friend? She is totally into WoW! Although, I am a public school educator, I think each kid needs the right fit to learn. I’m glad you’re going with your instinct and doing what works for you and your family.

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