Painting airplanes. Airplanes *and* a reason to use paints? This is something that must not wait until tomorrow!

and friends, I want you to tell you something I probably should keep to myself but it is cracking me up. When I cleaned off the table for the project there was a fruit loop hardened and stuck to the table. I could not get it off! In fact it is still there and I Photoshop’d it off the pic. lol!

I wish I could swap out the yard service at the rental house for housecleaning service for us. Ugh!

Img 2515Web

Img 2511Web

2 Responses to “10:52pm”

  1. stephanies Says:

    Did you not get paint on your table too?!?! I would have had paper under them for sure! LOL

  2. Zoe Says:

    oh yea, simon’s entire side of the table was painted. This 50’s table is a breeze to clean with hot water (and the reason I bought it!). fruit loops require a scraper and some serious muscle power. Isn’t that scary? wth is in those things?

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