Do you think we use the word “awesome” enough around here? Xander kept saying it about his gifts, I was saying it and Simon was trying to say it too.

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  1. Lisa P Says:

    hahaha! I love it! It was the same here with the word awesome (I even mentioned that in my blog post) only Orion jetted out to the tree so fast we didn’t even have time to grab the camera.
    Your dh is adorable taking it all in. And what was that he said? Holy Shmokly? LOL
    I also love how the tree looks so small in comparison to the GIANT GIFTS!
    Now it’s time to see the new set up in the living room…. Can I come over or will I have to settle for a picture? Of course a baby might distract from the gaming LOL.

  2. Zoe Says:

    of course you can come over!
    (681-7971) and the “holy schmokolies” is a Xander original from his first try at the phrase. We love to use it here and there ever since. lol!

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