blanket capes, fire balls and basket armor….

It’s the way we roll…

(should I say taken with my phone? my point and shoot is really not much better LOL!)

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“Capey” is also used as Isaac’s fireball. You can imagine the shrieks and fighting that coincide the transfer of ownership. It’s an ongoing process, learning and implementing our skills in diplomacy;)

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Img 2451Web

“spider web ball”

Img 2447Web

Simon tries to mimic a super hero hand gesture…

Img 2446Web

…and he’s still trying.

Img 2444Web

“Watch closely and learn, young padmae.”

Img 2436Web

We don’t need no stinkin’ toys around here! hahaha!

Img 2452Web

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  1. stephanies Says:

    LOL! I particularly loved Simon’s pony tail. 😉

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