snow days!

We don’t get much snow around here and I still get excited over the slightest sprinkling. This time we actually have something to talk about! woohoo! maybe a white Christmas??

Xander and I braved the roads for some groceries. And now we are well supplied and cozy inside.

Img 2424Web

Img 2425Web

Img 2427Web

Img 2426Sm

And a new craze in our house…World of Warcraft aka WoW. Jason has become fast addicted, I’m getting there and Isaac is definitely there. This morning, instead of the usual wake up whisper from Xander asking if I can get him breakfast, I woke up to a little whisper asking what my WoW password is.

I guess they are going to have to get their own accounts and we are going to be spending a small fortune on this each month the hobby continues.

I have a cute little gnome mage character. She’s not very tough yet but Jason has been good to come help me through some stuff.


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