our second year with this most awesome of awesome christmas trees

I still cannot believe I spent $13 on this piece of holiday perfection. Five minutes to put up, two small strings of lights and a handful of ornaments. and it has such a tiny footprint in our small living space. nice!

Am I depriving my kids of the tree chopping experience? I ‘spose.

We’ve definitely morphed quite a bit from our ideas of family traditions we thought we would continue after our first son.

We thought we would cut down a tree as a family each year, we thought we’d visit santa and Alpenrose Dairy’s christmas village. but all that (and more!) seemed to change as the reality of actually living the life as a family set in.

One year, visiting Santa at Alpenrose, there was a particularly creepy santa. Isaac shook his head no and looked like we were asking him to jump off a cliff in asking him to sit on Santa’s lap for a photo. When creepy santa told me I was going to have to sit on his lap too, to get Isaac to do it I suddenly felt exactly how Isaac felt. I believe I had the same panicked look on my face with the subtle yet nervous “no” head shake. We all ended up standing behind Santa for the pic and vowed that would be the last year.

Santa (costume santa, not mythical santa) got tossed in with my other foes: clowns, ice cream trucks, character costumed people (with those big heads…they can see us but we can’t see them. freaky!) I think the thing that creeps me out is that they are strangers and it’s suddenly okay for kids to fawn all over them because they have a costume on. I have issues;)

anyway…here’s our tiny fake tree.

Dsc 0009

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