I think this really is a salamander…

A marital spat…

I can’t find one pic online that shows a tadpole looking narrow like this one.

It does have an extremely flat, wedged tail similar to a tadpole.

Jason assures me the head is definitely that of a bull frog in the making. He’s seen them plenty as a kid. I have not. But I would like to see one pic online that looks like our found critter.

Anyone care to wager one way or the other?


We have a winner. After trying to prove me wrong with an internet image search, Jason agrees it is probably a newt (which is of course a member of the salamander family). so what do I win?

Img 2352

2 Responses to “I think this really is a salamander…”

  1. megan Says:

    Um yea… I saw the earlier photo and thought- hmm, I must be just as in the dark as zoe–looks like what I have always thought of as a salamander. Maybe its a mutant breed or somthing. Did you keep it? Do you get to watch it grow up?

  2. Casey Says:

    Just a reminder to not eat those things. I recall a story of somebody dying after eating one of those on a dare (they are poisonous).

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