I tried…

We bought one of those immersion blenders, by KitchenAid and it is AWESOME! I’m in full on crock pot soup mode and it made my split pea/lentil soup nice and smooth.

Isaac is starting to come around to my healthy recipes but Xander somehow gets by without eating much of anything I serve. I’m hoping he’ll be more tempted to try them if I blend out the textures and blatant vegetables.

…nope, it didn’t work. Xander gagged on the single bite of soup. It is the most mild flavored soup, I swear!

Here is the list of things he will eat:

Mac n’ cheese (whole wheat pasta is okay)

PB&J (whole wheat bread and low sugar “all fruit spread” is okay)

Pizza (again, whole wheat is fine)

Spaghetti Pie recipe (whole wheat pasta)



baked potatoes

otherwise…cookies, cakes, candy, chips and sugar cereals are the foods he loves. He is definitely my junk food junky!

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