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I think this really is a salamander…

A marital spat…

I can’t find one pic online that shows a tadpole looking narrow like this one.

It does have an extremely flat, wedged tail similar to a tadpole.

Jason assures me the head is definitely that of a bull frog in the making. He’s seen them plenty as a kid. I have not. But I would like to see one pic online that looks like our found critter.

Anyone care to wager one way or the other?


We have a winner. After trying to prove me wrong with an internet image search, Jason agrees it is probably a newt (which is of course a member of the salamander family). so what do I win?

Img 2352

can there be a better bunch? I don’t think so!

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Our second fishing attempt (ever)

Gorgeous Lost Lake.

Dsc 0002Web

It is apparent I know nothing about tad poles and have never really seen one. In my mind I think of them as tiny. Jason laughed at me and gave me the tad pole 101 after I had Isaac catch the “salamander” we saw in the water. This thing is going to be one huge bull frog.

Img 2353Web

Img 2354Web

Img 2369Web

We didn’t catch a single fish.

Img 2355Web

our family photo shoot today…

tripod, self timer, dashing back and forth. Good times!

I love this one. The two little brothers looking to Isaac.

Dsc 0009Web

I caught this one while I was looking for a good spot to set up, just checking exposure. Xander is so snugly.

Dsc 0032Web

And here’s where the fun began. They all disperse between shots and we have 10 seconds to race back into place.

Dsc 0037Web

Dsc 0044Web

Twilight review…


My sister and I went to the midnight show. The biggest surprise was the young girls laughing through the entire film, when I didn’t feel like the scenes were intended to be funny. a testament to the cheesy delivery and awful make-up I suppose.

USA Today sums it up well:

Verdict: Negative

And despite questionable casting, wooden acting, laughable dialogue and truly awful makeup, nothing is likely to stop young girls from swarming to this kitschy adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s popular novel.” —Claudia Puig

That said, I did enjoy it a little and look forward to seeing it again in a QUIET setting.

I tried…

We bought one of those immersion blenders, by KitchenAid and it is AWESOME! I’m in full on crock pot soup mode and it made my split pea/lentil soup nice and smooth.

Isaac is starting to come around to my healthy recipes but Xander somehow gets by without eating much of anything I serve. I’m hoping he’ll be more tempted to try them if I blend out the textures and blatant vegetables.

…nope, it didn’t work. Xander gagged on the single bite of soup. It is the most mild flavored soup, I swear!

Here is the list of things he will eat:

Mac n’ cheese (whole wheat pasta is okay)

PB&J (whole wheat bread and low sugar “all fruit spread” is okay)

Pizza (again, whole wheat is fine)

Spaghetti Pie recipe (whole wheat pasta)



baked potatoes

otherwise…cookies, cakes, candy, chips and sugar cereals are the foods he loves. He is definitely my junk food junky!

chicken chatter

Out of our three chicks we hatched last summer, two ended up being hens (yay!) and the little roo was taken to the feed store.

One of them has refused to sleep in the coop and chooses to rough it in the wild. I’ve had a hard time finding her and Jason and I watched her heading to roost tonight…

Found you! Way up in the tree…a tree I have seen two raccoons. We should be seeing our first eggs from her next month. I hope she makes it.

Dsc 0007Roost

By the way…

do you remember my interest in maybe slaughtering our own chicken for food? The mother hen had come down with Marek’s disease and could barely walk. She’d fall on her head when I put her down and the other hens were trying to peck her to death.

I decided to put her down. and although it wouldn’t be for food (since she was unhealthy) it would be an opportunity for me to learn about the process and see if it would be something we could do.

I researched a couple places for how to slaughter a chicken and decided to give it a go.

One site said to bonk them in the head with a stick to stun them first. Jason actualy did this by accident once by barely bumping one, coralling it into the coop and it layed on the ground looking dead for 20 minutes. So I give it a try and she’s sitting there, eyes wide open, looking at me like “why did you just hit me with that stick?”

So I forget that and just do a little chicken calming and lay her on my chopping 4×4 over some straw to absorb the blood. I position her neck and go for a direct chop with a hatchet. NOT EVEN A SCRATCH! again she’s looking at me like “why did you just hit me with that axe?”

It was awful! I was just abusing this poor chicken and not getting the job done. Jason said it was because I had it on straw and it absorbed the shock. ooops!

He did the deed for me, no problem and then the kids and I opened her up to see the anatomy. It was so tough! the feathers were a big mess and I needed a better knife for the job. I decided if it was to be done for real it would need some investments like the big pot, the chicken plucking tumbler and an outdoor sink. Not worth it for our occasional chicken farming on the sly in our suburban hood.

I am glad we got to experience it though. The kids and I got to dissect the crop and see what she’d been eating, find the lungs, heart and a kidney. There was also a really weird yellow yolk looking thing in her chest cavaty.

It was an interesting experience.

some recent snapshots…

If you are a baby here, you will get a whole lotta attention and smothering!

Img 2325Sm

Becoming a tradition for our kids age 1-2…


Img 2335Sm



Img 2341Sm

Miss Paige

Is she delicious or what!?

Dsc 0134Web-1

Dsc 0030Web-1

Dsc 0022Web-1

Dsc 0041Web

Dsc 0068Web

Had some ask about new deck pics…

I kept waiting for everything to be perfect for pics of the completed deck and patio project. Alas, fall is here and everything is covered with leaves. The rain is often and we didn’t get an opportunity to stain it. The stain will have to wait.

I took the camera out for some video. Zoe practices video editing. I asked Jason if it was too cheesy and his response: “Like Swiss.”