this and that.

We got to babysit baby Noa for the first time and it was such a joy! Xander especially loved holding her on his lap.

Img 2248Sm

ran through the corn maze today…

Img 2266Sm

Children of the corn…haha!

Img 2260Sm

Img 2261Sm

Img 2267Sm

Can you see the beautiful fall view out my living room window? It’s fire yellow now…the prettiest season before I lose my privacy screen altogether until spring. We live in a split level home and it feels like a tree house with tree tops in every window.

Img 2254Sm

Now I’m eager to go on another camping adventure. I think I’m addicted to camping:D We have another hike to cross off the list at Sauvie Island, so that may be our day trip tomorrow.

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