Devil’s lake camping and Cape Meres

Jason kept Simon again and the big boys and I headed out, late evening, toward Tillamook. I meant to head out earlier but couldn’t motivate myself to pack up the trailer until Jason was off work to help…LAZY!

Since there is no way I can back in the trailer in the dark (not even in the day, really), we stayed in a cheesy RV only park, that had a convenient pull-through site, the first night.

Look at all the people who RV! It’s an interesting culture of people and I think I am liking them very much. There is always a friendly person to help me back in my trailer (during the daylight hours).

Img 2229Sm

On our way to our intended camp site, Devil’s Lake Campground, we stopped at the light house and “Octopus tree” at Cape Meares.

Dsc 0066Sm

Dsc 0078Sm-1

Dsc 0080Sm-1

Dsc 0074Sm

Xan and I express our disdain for the no climbing rule. The sweetest climbing tree you have ever seen and we’re not allowed! (looks like I’m accosting him with my camera lens. haha!)

Img 2235Sm

Img 2236Sm

Img 2234Sm

Silly root beer drinkers.

Dsc 0093Sm

And finally the reason we stayed at the lake…

I wanted to try fishing. It was the first time, aside from one time at camp, and it was fun! Unfortunately the kids had no attention span for it and were being loud and throwing lily pads and rocks into the water. Of course if it weren’t for those issues I WOULD have caught a huge fish. No doubt about it;)

Img 2239Sm

Img 2237Sm

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