Not New York…

ha! we actually had a lot of fun the next night when we rode The Deuce to Fremont street. We sat at the top of the double decker bus and got to see the entire strip without hurting our feet.

There were a couple locals sitting behind us comparing warrants and that was almost as interesting as the view.

Alas, we are home again and poor Simon was not happy about the abandonment. He stared at me with such a blank face the entire way home from the Max station. It was our first time leaving him, thankfully with my sister and in his own home, but maybe still too soon.

Our next trip will be with the kids and I am thinking it will be The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It sounds interesting! I hope we can really explore the house in detail and not feel a separation of too many velvet ropes and closed off quarters.

Img 2218Sm

Img 2214Sm

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