not Paris…

Vegas Bitches! My first time and it feels like a carni for grown ups. Or a ridiculously huge Chuck E. Cheese.

My curiosity is satiated and I am glad for that but I don’t think this visit will be repeated. There is no charm to this place. Like one giant mall which I usually try to avoid. Superficial, smoky and porn on every corner.

I am getting old I guess. I am going to have to take the kids camping again to cleanse myself.

Img 2195-2

not too good with the self, couple photo

Img 2203-1

I think Elvis and Zoro was a little offended by our photo request…”no…errr…um…can you take a picture of us? no, I don’t mean us as in you and me, I mean us as in “us” …us and not you” with our silly $18 drink that produced minor belly bloat without the anticipated, relaxing buzz of an alcoholic beverage after a long day of walking. oh well.

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2 Responses to “not Paris…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hahahaha! Vegas makes me feel dirty.

  2. Jessica Says:

    My friends are forcing me to go to Vegas for our 30th birthday extravaganza next year. I voted for Sedona, AZ or Santa Barbara but they picked the city of sin. I have never been and have never really wanted to go. Your post confirmed my feelings.
    At least you got to see fake Parisian monuments!

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