Banks-Vernonia state park

Our second one-nighter camping trip in the trailer and we’re having so much fun! Jason suggested I leave Simon and just take the big boys and it was such a treat. I love my Simmy but the break was nice. (I actually got to sleep!)

I can’t believe how many wonderful places are just 30-40 minutes from home. We just pick our spot and leave the trailer hitched to the car. Do some hiking and then snuggle into our camper for movies and reading.

I’m barreling through the Twilight series… in fact, I was deep in the story last night, after the kids had fallen asleep, when I heard a shrill noise outside the camper, like a bunch of women making some noise. It freaked me out since we were the only campers up there in the woods. When I stuck my head out side to listen, I heard that it was a freakin’ pack of coyotes or something howling and yipping so close somewhere in the forest.

What a chill! Here I’m reading about vampires and werewolves and I hear a real pack of coyotes out there sounding like they’re executing a kill. I was freaked…in an exciting way! The campsite was so dark and quiet.

Isaac got a little scared without a night light (will need to buy one for next time) and he ended up sleeping with me. Xander sleeps like a rock.

The kids helped me set up the camper this time:

Img 2138Stubsm

Bright afternoon

Img 2140Sm

Dark trail in the thick nobles

Img 2142Sm

Critter find #1: salamander?

Img 2147Sm

Img 2145Sm

(Xander cam) running wild in the deserted campground.

Img 2160Sm

Critter find #2: fuzzy yellow caterpillar

Img 2151Sm

Img 2172Sm

Good morning! (xander cam)

Img 2170Sm

4 Responses to “Banks-Vernonia state park”

  1. megan Says:

    I got caught up in that twilight series too– felt like high school with my reading those anne rice books, as well as all that teenage angst and having it set in the NW was cool too. How fun to hear the coyotes while reading about the wolves. Did you dream about Jacob that night? Who do you want Bella with? Jacob or Edward?
    That is so cool you are so active with your boys. You are creating amazing memories for them- what lucky kids.

  2. Zoe Says:

    I’m definitely partial to vampires so the detour with the werewolf has been really annoying. In fact, there are a lot of things about the plot and Bella that annoy me but I still can’t put the books down!
    (ps Anne rice is so much better of course! more history and less cheesy romance…ok, why does it sound like I hate the Twilight books when I really can’t stop reading them until I get through them all? LOL)

  3. megan Says:

    OK– so I will respond and then never never talk about these darned books again– they’ve taken up too much of my life and thoughts. I agree with you the Rice book way better, but these aren’t bad for Meyers first novels. I think that is why it annoys me a bit- the books and plot are qutie basic. And its just a teen drama/romance series. A lot bugged me about Bella and I don’t think she deserves either of them and can’t see why they love her like they do. I also do not understand why a 90 year old man/vamp would even WANT to hang out with high schoolers… After reading these books I personally would prefer a warmer, softer body to curl up against at night vs. a cold one, but am not so sure about all that hair(never been one for the hairy guys-lol), but I do like the polished class of the vampires. So… until I get the choice I will have to be satisfied with my mortal. :o>

  4. zoe Says:

    I finished the series and WOW, the fourth book makes up for my irritation with the third book. A fabulous finish! now I’m depressed to be without another one to read. I’ll def see the movie next month!

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