our first camper adventure

I took the camper for a short distance test night and it was a success! I needed some neighboring campers to guide me into my spot and then I left it hitched to the car.

We went the the champoeg state park just 45 minutes away. It’s one of the first settlements in Oregon and preserved for tourists. The house and school museums were closed, unfortunately, but we did get to walk through the garden and enjoy some trails.

Img 2089Sm

Img 2084Sm

Img 2080Sm

Yea, we tasted the grapes. shhh!

Img 2083Sm

Img 2082Sm

Img 2085Sm

Img 2104Sm

The kids were not in the mood to hike:( So we went back to the trailer and they watched Thundercats on the laptop and I read “Twilight”…yep, I feel like I’m 15 again reading my Vampire Lestat books.

Img 2106Sm

It rained most the night and the pitter patter on the trailer was wonderful and cozy!

Img 2116Sm

Isaac was the last to wake up so I had to snap a pic of him in his loft nest.

Img 2120Sm

3 Responses to “our first camper adventure”

  1. omi Says:

    oh the places I would go……. ; )

  2. StephanieS Says:

    Looks like fun! We’re going for a short weekend trip to one of the canyon parks this month, but I’m not brave enough to camp with all 6. LOL

  3. Barbra Says:

    Awesome traveling digs! It is like a new form of freedom. I am interested in how you are liking Twilight. I have read the first two books in the series, and couldn’t put them down. However, I am really miffed by how weak Bella is. She has no personality and very little drive, and it only gets worse into the second book. Every other girl at my work is reading these books, so I always ask what they think of her, too.

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