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trick or treat

One small loop (10 houses maybe?) and we were back home dumping out our loot on the living room floor.

Simon figured out the process after two houses and after that wouldn’t let me hold his hand or his bag of candy. His bag was dragged along the sidewalk. It was a crack up!

Img 2297Sm

Img 2299Sm

Img 2303Sm

this and that.

We got to babysit baby Noa for the first time and it was such a joy! Xander especially loved holding her on his lap.

Img 2248Sm

ran through the corn maze today…

Img 2266Sm

Children of the corn…haha!

Img 2260Sm

Img 2261Sm

Img 2267Sm

Can you see the beautiful fall view out my living room window? It’s fire yellow now…the prettiest season before I lose my privacy screen altogether until spring. We live in a split level home and it feels like a tree house with tree tops in every window.

Img 2254Sm

Now I’m eager to go on another camping adventure. I think I’m addicted to camping:D We have another hike to cross off the list at Sauvie Island, so that may be our day trip tomorrow.

Devil’s lake camping and Cape Meres

Jason kept Simon again and the big boys and I headed out, late evening, toward Tillamook. I meant to head out earlier but couldn’t motivate myself to pack up the trailer until Jason was off work to help…LAZY!

Since there is no way I can back in the trailer in the dark (not even in the day, really), we stayed in a cheesy RV only park, that had a convenient pull-through site, the first night.

Look at all the people who RV! It’s an interesting culture of people and I think I am liking them very much. There is always a friendly person to help me back in my trailer (during the daylight hours).

Img 2229Sm

On our way to our intended camp site, Devil’s Lake Campground, we stopped at the light house and “Octopus tree” at Cape Meares.

Dsc 0066Sm

Dsc 0078Sm-1

Dsc 0080Sm-1

Dsc 0074Sm

Xan and I express our disdain for the no climbing rule. The sweetest climbing tree you have ever seen and we’re not allowed! (looks like I’m accosting him with my camera lens. haha!)

Img 2235Sm

Img 2236Sm

Img 2234Sm

Silly root beer drinkers.

Dsc 0093Sm

And finally the reason we stayed at the lake…

I wanted to try fishing. It was the first time, aside from one time at camp, and it was fun! Unfortunately the kids had no attention span for it and were being loud and throwing lily pads and rocks into the water. Of course if it weren’t for those issues I WOULD have caught a huge fish. No doubt about it;)

Img 2239Sm

Img 2237Sm

two more…


Dsc 0010Cropsm

Dsc 0037Sm-2

mmmmm, baby Noa!

I was having some major Noa cravings and finally got my snuggle fix today. She’s five months of cuteness…

(I made them bigger, upon click, so you can download for web sizes, Aundi, Casey, mom and dad).

Dsc 0059Sm-3

Dsc 0001Sm-17

Dsc 0011Sm-11

Dsc 0020Sm-12

Dsc 0039Sm-5

And my little assistant, Simon, who let me get one shot. Kinda soft focus in the eyes…figures. Some good looking cousins, both with steel blue eyes.

Dsc 0024Sm-11

Not New York…

ha! we actually had a lot of fun the next night when we rode The Deuce to Fremont street. We sat at the top of the double decker bus and got to see the entire strip without hurting our feet.

There were a couple locals sitting behind us comparing warrants and that was almost as interesting as the view.

Alas, we are home again and poor Simon was not happy about the abandonment. He stared at me with such a blank face the entire way home from the Max station. It was our first time leaving him, thankfully with my sister and in his own home, but maybe still too soon.

Our next trip will be with the kids and I am thinking it will be The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It sounds interesting! I hope we can really explore the house in detail and not feel a separation of too many velvet ropes and closed off quarters.

Img 2218Sm

Img 2214Sm

not Paris…

Vegas Bitches! My first time and it feels like a carni for grown ups. Or a ridiculously huge Chuck E. Cheese.

My curiosity is satiated and I am glad for that but I don’t think this visit will be repeated. There is no charm to this place. Like one giant mall which I usually try to avoid. Superficial, smoky and porn on every corner.

I am getting old I guess. I am going to have to take the kids camping again to cleanse myself.

Img 2195-2

not too good with the self, couple photo

Img 2203-1

I think Elvis and Zoro was a little offended by our photo request…”no…errr…um…can you take a picture of us? no, I don’t mean us as in you and me, I mean us as in “us” …us and not you” with our silly $18 drink that produced minor belly bloat without the anticipated, relaxing buzz of an alcoholic beverage after a long day of walking. oh well.

Img 2206-1

Banks-Vernonia state park

Our second one-nighter camping trip in the trailer and we’re having so much fun! Jason suggested I leave Simon and just take the big boys and it was such a treat. I love my Simmy but the break was nice. (I actually got to sleep!)

I can’t believe how many wonderful places are just 30-40 minutes from home. We just pick our spot and leave the trailer hitched to the car. Do some hiking and then snuggle into our camper for movies and reading.

I’m barreling through the Twilight series… in fact, I was deep in the story last night, after the kids had fallen asleep, when I heard a shrill noise outside the camper, like a bunch of women making some noise. It freaked me out since we were the only campers up there in the woods. When I stuck my head out side to listen, I heard that it was a freakin’ pack of coyotes or something howling and yipping so close somewhere in the forest.

What a chill! Here I’m reading about vampires and werewolves and I hear a real pack of coyotes out there sounding like they’re executing a kill. I was freaked…in an exciting way! The campsite was so dark and quiet.

Isaac got a little scared without a night light (will need to buy one for next time) and he ended up sleeping with me. Xander sleeps like a rock.

The kids helped me set up the camper this time:

Img 2138Stubsm

Bright afternoon

Img 2140Sm

Dark trail in the thick nobles

Img 2142Sm

Critter find #1: salamander?

Img 2147Sm

Img 2145Sm

(Xander cam) running wild in the deserted campground.

Img 2160Sm

Critter find #2: fuzzy yellow caterpillar

Img 2151Sm

Img 2172Sm

Good morning! (xander cam)

Img 2170Sm

our first camper adventure

I took the camper for a short distance test night and it was a success! I needed some neighboring campers to guide me into my spot and then I left it hitched to the car.

We went the the champoeg state park just 45 minutes away. It’s one of the first settlements in Oregon and preserved for tourists. The house and school museums were closed, unfortunately, but we did get to walk through the garden and enjoy some trails.

Img 2089Sm

Img 2084Sm

Img 2080Sm

Yea, we tasted the grapes. shhh!

Img 2083Sm

Img 2082Sm

Img 2085Sm

Img 2104Sm

The kids were not in the mood to hike:( So we went back to the trailer and they watched Thundercats on the laptop and I read “Twilight”…yep, I feel like I’m 15 again reading my Vampire Lestat books.

Img 2106Sm

It rained most the night and the pitter patter on the trailer was wonderful and cozy!

Img 2116Sm

Isaac was the last to wake up so I had to snap a pic of him in his loft nest.

Img 2120Sm