Oak Island Trail

On Sauvie’s Island…”an island on an island.”

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We got out of the car too soon and walked down the road…oops!

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….but it gave us a chance to see if we could throw rocks into the pond. It would have required a super powered throw, to cover the distance, and not a single one made it in.

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Several times I’d look back to find Simon squatting down poking the ground with a stick or grabbing up dirt. We’re definitely the tortoise and not the hare in this race:)

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This view was AMAZING! Three mountains on the horizon. The kid’s feet and shoes were sucked up by the mud. It was an adventure.

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Unfortunately the last two of three miles were one monotonous stretch of mowed out grassy trail, completely level. This would have been great for a pleasant stroll and gab session amongst adults but the kids need more excitement to keep them going.

Xander was getting really hot and tired. If there were any wild animals to be seen they would have heard Xander’s loud protests way before we could ever spot them. Isaac, at this point in the trail, said, can we never come here again?

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  1. megan Says:

    Is this from your hiking book for kids? I need to check that one out. Once I am off of bed rest we will join you(i am hoping in a week or two- that is my hope, the drs wont’ give me an estimate)– the kids will like it and I could totally use the adult conversation with my bud….

  2. Zoe Says:

    Hey Megan! I can’t seem to comment on your blog now without some kind of windows live account. I would love you and the littles to join us on an adventure. This hike was indeed another from the book. We’re looking at either another Sauvie Island hike or the Ape Caves lava tube next (ape cave is not in the book but a childhood fav of mine). Take it easy and take care of that precious new peanut:)

  3. Royalmom » Blog Archive » Oak Island Trail take two Says:

    […] According to my blog, I took the kids on this trail back in 2008 and it was not a hit. We decided to try it again so Lotus could enjoy the freedom to hike without the dangers of a narrow trail and a sudden drop off the side of a cliff (like most of the Gorge hikes have). […]

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