more camping!

This time three nights on the beach and it was a ton of fun. Campfire cooking, strolls on the beach, kite flying, dune climbing, crab hunting.

Img 1834Sm

Img 1840Sm

Img 1828Sm

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Img 1818Sm

Img 1816Sm

Img 1817Sm

Trying to spot a sea lion.

Img 1856Sm

See the starfish?

Img 1852Sm

little crabs under every rock during low tide.

Img 1893Sm

Img 1891Sm

Img 1894Sm

Climbing the dune to a small lake and rope swing.

Img 1861Sm

Img 1877Sm

Img 1875Sm

The ride home, just a small spot left for the dog.

Img 1902Sm

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