$2 zoo day and bye-bye roosters

Isaac has always wondered what it’d be like to ride on a big yellow school bus and today was the day he got to find out.

$2 zoo day was jam packed and busses shuttled us in from a further parking lot…

A long line…so many people, lots of homeschoolers.

Img 1786Sm

Always a transformer in hand.

Img 1788Sm

Img 1789Sm

Img 1792Sm

Best friends:)

Img 1798Sm

Img 1799Sm

One of the two young roosters went to the feed store for sale today. The other slipped out of the transport box and I couldn’t catch him again so he’s still here.

I think I will work up the courage to butcher him myself. I really wanted to…to experience and gain appreciation for where our food comes from and what it takes to get it. and next year I want to plant my first vegetable garden.

we’ll see…

Dsc 0007Roosm

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