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A day of spelunking

The kids and I did the 3/4 mile hike into the Ape cave, lava tube today. It’s a childhood favorite of mine! Pitch black with an icy breeze, it’s an unusual adventure.

There is a longer, more difficult path but no way the kids can make that trip yet. Actually, they might be able to do it but I couldn’t climb up and down all the rock piles with Simon on my back.

After 1.5 miles over 1.5 hours (yeah, we’re slow!) the first signs of natural light streaming through the mouth of the cave is such a thrill for the kids. 🙂

Img 2069Sm

Img 2071Sm

Alpaca farm fun

Some friends let us know about a little open house, of sorts, at a local alpaca farm. We got to ooh and aaah at all the new babies and dig our fingers through the soft wool. We watched the spinners working the wool and enjoyed the outdoors.

Img 2046Sm

Img 2048Sm

Img 2047Sm

They had a drawing in the works for picking out a name for one baby. Xander was very excited to come up with a name and wrote this…

(“Cuddley”) Yeah, I know, not even close but I love that he went for it anyway:) He also wanted me to write in “Little Basketball.” I don’t know that we’ll ever find out if his names were chosen.

Img 2055Sm

up late with photoshop…

…working on a session:)

Dsc 0121Bw

Dsc 0058Web

Meet Winnie!

The most adorable 1965 Winnebago camping trailer! The kids and I are looking forward to some overnight adventures soon. Hopefully I can fine tune my hitching skills. It doesn’t look easy. Too bad it’s not magnetic;)

Img 2040Sm

Img 2041Sm

here’s the inside…

Img 2058Sm-1

Img 2059Sm-1

Img 2061Sm-1

Oak Island Trail

On Sauvie’s Island…”an island on an island.”

Img 2016Sm

We got out of the car too soon and walked down the road…oops!

Img 2009Sm

….but it gave us a chance to see if we could throw rocks into the pond. It would have required a super powered throw, to cover the distance, and not a single one made it in.

Img 2012Sm

Img 2010Sm

Several times I’d look back to find Simon squatting down poking the ground with a stick or grabbing up dirt. We’re definitely the tortoise and not the hare in this race:)

Img 2018Sm

This view was AMAZING! Three mountains on the horizon. The kid’s feet and shoes were sucked up by the mud. It was an adventure.

Img 2026Sm

Unfortunately the last two of three miles were one monotonous stretch of mowed out grassy trail, completely level. This would have been great for a pleasant stroll and gab session amongst adults but the kids need more excitement to keep them going.

Xander was getting really hot and tired. If there were any wild animals to be seen they would have heard Xander’s loud protests way before we could ever spot them. Isaac, at this point in the trail, said, can we never come here again?

Img 2036Sm-1

project Oregon trails

I bought the book Best Hikes with Kids: Oregon and we’ve already crossed two off the list.

Today we did the Wahclella Falls trail and then stopped in the Bonneville dam and fish hatchery. They were harvesting the adult salmon so we got to see the assembly line bringing the fish down, sending them through a shoot and tossing them into the bins of ice. cool stuff!

Img 1904Sm

Img 1907Sm

Simon giving me a heart attack walking along the edge of the cliff and refusing to hold my hand. Thank goodness for the baby carrier!

Img 1928Sm

Img 1941Sm

Img 1938Sm

Img 1952Sm

Img 1951Sm


Img 1948Sm

Img 1980Sm

Img 1985Sm

Img 1987Sm

Img 1992Sm

dragons every year

Isaac and Xan last year (and two years before that!). Poor Isaac is now too big for the Old Navy costumes. he wanted one so much. We’ll be checking around for a special one just for him.

Dsc 0001Sm-15


Dsc 0007Dsm

I’ll make Simon smile…

Dsc 0008Sm-18

Dsc 0009Dragonsm

more camping!

This time three nights on the beach and it was a ton of fun. Campfire cooking, strolls on the beach, kite flying, dune climbing, crab hunting.

Img 1834Sm

Img 1840Sm

Img 1828Sm

Img 1824Sm

Img 1838Sm

Img 1818Sm

Img 1816Sm

Img 1817Sm

Trying to spot a sea lion.

Img 1856Sm

See the starfish?

Img 1852Sm

little crabs under every rock during low tide.

Img 1893Sm

Img 1891Sm

Img 1894Sm

Climbing the dune to a small lake and rope swing.

Img 1861Sm

Img 1877Sm

Img 1875Sm

The ride home, just a small spot left for the dog.

Img 1902Sm

$2 zoo day and bye-bye roosters

Isaac has always wondered what it’d be like to ride on a big yellow school bus and today was the day he got to find out.

$2 zoo day was jam packed and busses shuttled us in from a further parking lot…

A long line…so many people, lots of homeschoolers.

Img 1786Sm

Always a transformer in hand.

Img 1788Sm

Img 1789Sm

Img 1792Sm

Best friends:)

Img 1798Sm

Img 1799Sm

One of the two young roosters went to the feed store for sale today. The other slipped out of the transport box and I couldn’t catch him again so he’s still here.

I think I will work up the courage to butcher him myself. I really wanted to…to experience and gain appreciation for where our food comes from and what it takes to get it. and next year I want to plant my first vegetable garden.

we’ll see…

Dsc 0007Roosm

carni day for homeschoolers

There was a “not back to school day” at the Oaks park. I have lived here my entire life and never been to this establishment. The proximity to the river was nice but it was still an annoying carnival. The kids had a blast and that’s what counts:)

Before we headed out I brushed the boys hair and decided to straighten Xan’s hair for fun. It was so different to him he started to cry. All was good when he was assured a simple run through the water would bring his curlies back.

Dsc 0023Sm-8

Dsc 0027Sm-6

Dsc 0040Sm-5

Dsc 0033Simonsm

Dsc 0049Sm-5

Dsc 0057Sm-3

Dsc 0081Sm