let’s go camping!

Isaac asked if we could go camping. I’m guessing most people would say it’s too late to get a camping site booked on a friday afternoon before a holiday weekend? Not us! Jason found us a spot at the Cascade Locks KOA. Not too far from home and the blaring trains, every hour just a short walk from our sleeping heads didn’t stop us.

We enjoyed the walks along the Columbia river and the beautiful Columbia Gorge views.

Img 1762Sm

Bridge of the Gods…

Img 1651Sm

Img 1671Sm

Img 1663Sm

this spot was so windy, Xander had to feel it blow through his hair and WIDE open mouth. LOL!

Img 1679Sm

Img 1680Sm

lots of fishing poles in the water along here.

Img 1681Sm

Img 1691Sm

Img 1702Sm

Img 1703Sm

Img 1727Sm

Img 1732Sm

From the campgrounds we could venture over the train tracks, over this lumberyard/quarry to a path that runs along the river. The kids were certain the huge pile of gravel was left specifically for them to jump on.

Img 1741Sm

Img 1754Sm

Master of the fire and important jobs such as acquiring hot dogs and froofy alcoholic beverages…

Img 1759Sm

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