a little hiking and chicken update

The kids and I did a small hike today. I’ve been meaning to try a more adventurous outing with the kids and it went well. Simon (and Xander) is getting a little bigger now and single parent outings might be able to go a little longer than the usual stuff.

Img 1613Sm

Img 1611Sm

Img 1617Sm

Img 1615Sm

Img 1635Sm

Just for fun, we conquered these steps.

Img 1640Sm

Img 1630Sm

Img 1624Sm

water backpack and snacks:)

Img 1621Sm

Img 1605Sm

and look how big the chicks are getting! Two are definitely looking roo-ish. Only the little all-black chick is a lady. Mama hen is still tending to them around the clock.

Img 1645Sm

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  1. Megan Says:

    This is the hike we went on– all the way to pittock mansion! Wasn’t it great! Now that Wendy has left us I can imagine a more normal life and will give you call. I need a playdate. Maybe my kids do too. :o>

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