Our dog is missing:(

We have to go around from the front to get to the backyard while the deck is in progress…our dog Luke has escaped a few times with the kids going through the gate, not paying attention.

We’ve bailed him out of the pound once and a couple times he came back quickly on his own. This time he’s been gone a few hours and it is dark now:( Waaaah! Where are you dog?

I’m going to be heartbroken if something happens to him. He’s 8 years old and our first baby.

The kids took this pic of him earlier today…

Img 1479Sm

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  1. Jessica Says:

    Oh man, I hope you guys find him! Our Boston Terrier runs away every chance he gets (he’s pretty stupid). So far he has gone out for coffee, gone to rehab and visited the kids school! We put Aaron’s cell phone number on his tag so someone will always call us.

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