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let’s go camping!

Isaac asked if we could go camping. I’m guessing most people would say it’s too late to get a camping site booked on a friday afternoon before a holiday weekend? Not us! Jason found us a spot at the Cascade Locks KOA. Not too far from home and the blaring trains, every hour just a short walk from our sleeping heads didn’t stop us.

We enjoyed the walks along the Columbia river and the beautiful Columbia Gorge views.

Img 1762Sm

Bridge of the Gods…

Img 1651Sm

Img 1671Sm

Img 1663Sm

this spot was so windy, Xander had to feel it blow through his hair and WIDE open mouth. LOL!

Img 1679Sm

Img 1680Sm

lots of fishing poles in the water along here.

Img 1681Sm

Img 1691Sm

Img 1702Sm

Img 1703Sm

Img 1727Sm

Img 1732Sm

From the campgrounds we could venture over the train tracks, over this lumberyard/quarry to a path that runs along the river. The kids were certain the huge pile of gravel was left specifically for them to jump on.

Img 1741Sm

Img 1754Sm

Master of the fire and important jobs such as acquiring hot dogs and froofy alcoholic beverages…

Img 1759Sm

a little hiking and chicken update

The kids and I did a small hike today. I’ve been meaning to try a more adventurous outing with the kids and it went well. Simon (and Xander) is getting a little bigger now and single parent outings might be able to go a little longer than the usual stuff.

Img 1613Sm

Img 1611Sm

Img 1617Sm

Img 1615Sm

Img 1635Sm

Just for fun, we conquered these steps.

Img 1640Sm

Img 1630Sm

Img 1624Sm

water backpack and snacks:)

Img 1621Sm

Img 1605Sm

and look how big the chicks are getting! Two are definitely looking roo-ish. Only the little all-black chick is a lady. Mama hen is still tending to them around the clock.

Img 1645Sm

baking on the floor and lentil sloppy joes

I have NEVER eaten a Sloppy Joe in my life. I don’t know what they are and they always seemed…well, sloppy. But I found a recipe for lentil sloppy joes and I love lentils so I thought I’d give it a go. WOW! Only two ingredients, easy to whip up in the crock pot and super delicious over a whole wheat bun. You could make your own sauce but the canned stuff is very low cal and zero fat.

Xander made a cake and couldn’t get enough leverage to pour the batter from the table, since he is still a little height challenged. We moved his operation to the floor and I had to snap a pic. Do you think this would pass a food handlers inspection?

Img 1591Sm

Two of my brothers had birthdays this month. We didn’t exactly celebrate with them but we still had some cake in their honor. hehe!

Img 1594Sm

that was fun!

Barbra and Chris’s wedding had the usual ceremony and reception in the afternoon and then an “after party” at the club.

Jason and I enjoyed the night of dancing and drinks, chatting and snuggling.

A cool bunch of people…

Img 1587Sm

Img 1590Sm

Another beautiful wedding!

My friend Barbra married her long time beau, Chris, today. It was so nice! We still have to party it up at the Fez club tonight.

Img 1566Sm

Our dog is home!

He was picked up across the busy road. Thank goodness he’s okay! I picked him up and went straight to the Pet Smart to replace his lost tag.

Now if we can just get the stairs and rails finished up on the deck so the kids aren’t having to use the gate.

Miss H

Dsc 0027Web

Dsc 0011Web-2

Our dog is missing:(

We have to go around from the front to get to the backyard while the deck is in progress…our dog Luke has escaped a few times with the kids going through the gate, not paying attention.

We’ve bailed him out of the pound once and a couple times he came back quickly on his own. This time he’s been gone a few hours and it is dark now:( Waaaah! Where are you dog?

I’m going to be heartbroken if something happens to him. He’s 8 years old and our first baby.

The kids took this pic of him earlier today…

Img 1479Sm