kitties: I’m over it!

My sister has three foster kitties and we get to kitty-sit while she is on vacation. I think I’ve gotten my fill of kitties for a long time. Omi said they could be trusted in the bedroom and after one day we had no less than 10 poops under our bed! YUCK!!!

They won’t all stay in the basket for a pic…

Dsc 0005Kittysm

Let’s try a dish of food…

Dsc 0011Kittiesm

Isaac, can you just hold them so I can get all their faces?

Dsc 0014Kittiesm

No can do!

Dsc 0015Kittiesm

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  1. Jeffrey Says:


  2. barbra Says:

    OMG! I think Mogwai wants one. She saw her mirror image and meowed longingly at me for one. I wonder how she would get along with a kitten.
    They are so adorable!

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