new sidewalks in the old hood

We were alerted by the renters that construction workers would be cutting back our juniper for the new sidewalks. We had a meeting with the engineer heading up the project to find out how much of our property would be condemned for the cause. When we arrived we found the entire wall of plants fencing in our property completely dozed out!

He had the map of property lines and they are apparently not technically taking any of our property at all. Pretty amazing the entire facia of our property can change without any say on our part or compensation.

Img 1438Sm

from the yard line to about four feet into the (new) street was all grass, juniper and rhododendron that we maintained and used for a sound barrier against the road noise. that’s about a 20 foot by 25 foot landscape change without notice. and apparently all within the rights of the city.

I learn something new every day!

Img 1437Sm

Img 1436Sm

I found an old pic off Google Earth of what it looked like before. Dang that was a lot of juniper!!! This was with out last renters who didn’t mind brown grass;) lol!

I think it will look fine. I’m over the shock.


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