deck, chicks and isaac health update

All three are excellent! There ya go.

Isaac had a few more diagnostic tests today and it is was what we thought it was. Just a bit of a backed up pooper to the power of ten. We’ll get on a better schedule and all should improve, in about 1 to 10 years. no biggie.

The deck is coming along and now has enough floorboards we can walk from one door to the next. This is fun! I can’t wait to be able to lounge at a patio table and sip iced tea while reading a fabulous book in the warm summer breeze.

Dsc 0007Floorsm

Chicks are over two weeks and actually surviving in the yard with only their mother to protect them. Maybe I shouldn’t jinx it by saying so? I glanced out in the yard and mistook them for a bunch of wild birds. They have suddenly grown a neck and look a bit gawky. Teenage weeks here we come!

Dsc 0020Chicks2Weeksplussm

chicken neck.

Dsc 0025Chick2Plussm

Dsc 0040Chicks2Plussm

That little tail is adorable!

Dsc 0042Chicks2Plusweekssm

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