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kitties: I’m over it!

My sister has three foster kitties and we get to kitty-sit while she is on vacation. I think I’ve gotten my fill of kitties for a long time. Omi said they could be trusted in the bedroom and after one day we had no less than 10 poops under our bed! YUCK!!!

They won’t all stay in the basket for a pic…

Dsc 0005Kittysm

Let’s try a dish of food…

Dsc 0011Kittiesm

Isaac, can you just hold them so I can get all their faces?

Dsc 0014Kittiesm

No can do!

Dsc 0015Kittiesm

Jason’s 20 year High School reunion

After spending Friday with my old friends, we spend Saturday with Jason’s old classmates he had not seen once in that 20 years passed. He went to the tiny school in St. Paul Oregon with a graduating class of 17 kids.

One of the guys living in the same town hosted the reunion BBQ style in his yard and it was a lot of fun! The kids all ran around in packs with much to see and do. The food and drink was abundant and Jason got to relax and reminisce.

Dsc 0019Sm-9

Playing PIG around the basketball hoop. One rule was to have a drink in one hand. Jason held Simon.

Dsc 0035Sm-1

We have to have one of these now.

Dsc 0008Sm-17

Slip…..slip-n-slide! Check out those hops in the background. I’d never seen them and had no idea what they were. Lots of cool stuff on the farm.

Dsc 0016Sm-7

Busy weekend with old friends

Friday was spent at the beach for the wedding of my old bud Caroline. We shared an apartment uptown during my post-college, pre-marriage party hard days. But we also go back as far as grade 7:)

It was a fabulous, intimate wedding, perched on the state park/cliff overlooking the beach.

Dsc 0002Sm-12

“Rev. Amber Rose!” she exclaimed. haha! It was great.

Dsc 0033

Barbra:) my other bud getting married next month, to the bloke in the background, Chris.

Dsc 0007Sm-10

Bud Jen and her hubby Tom with their new baby Paige.

Dsc 0012Sm-12

After the wedding, we took the kids down to the beach until it was reception time.

Dsc 0076Sm-1

Me and my brood…

Dsc 0064Sm-2

Dsc 0050Sm-4

Gorgeous cove, not so good for kite flying.

Dsc 0036Sm-5

Dsc 0038Sm-3

Feeling the terrain under his bare feet.

Dsc 0066

deck progress

A picnic table will be right there where the saw is set up. Jason is working on one of the two sets of stairs.

Dsc 0006Sm-12

Can you see the hot tub area below? A set of stairs will come right out from my bedroom slider and dump out under the deck, onto a patio.

Dsc 0002Sm-11

The five week fug

This little black one has been looking uglier and uglier. From its crow face to its naked neck we were wondering what was up. Although it is the smallest, it’s also the fastest, like a black streak. I finally caught him/her to get a closer look and all is good. The neck feathers are sprouting.

Look what a difference five weeks makes…

Dsc 0028Sm-10

Dsc 0023Chicksm

new sidewalks in the old hood

We were alerted by the renters that construction workers would be cutting back our juniper for the new sidewalks. We had a meeting with the engineer heading up the project to find out how much of our property would be condemned for the cause. When we arrived we found the entire wall of plants fencing in our property completely dozed out!

He had the map of property lines and they are apparently not technically taking any of our property at all. Pretty amazing the entire facia of our property can change without any say on our part or compensation.

Img 1438Sm

from the yard line to about four feet into the (new) street was all grass, juniper and rhododendron that we maintained and used for a sound barrier against the road noise. that’s about a 20 foot by 25 foot landscape change without notice. and apparently all within the rights of the city.

I learn something new every day!

Img 1437Sm

Img 1436Sm

I found an old pic off Google Earth of what it looked like before. Dang that was a lot of juniper!!! This was with out last renters who didn’t mind brown grass;) lol!

I think it will look fine. I’m over the shock.



Remember those “newborn” wool pants/cloth diaper cover I knit up before Simon was born?

Look how they fit finally at 16 months! haha! We’re still going strong with the cloth diapers and these pants work VERY well.

Dsc 0002Longiesm

Dsc 0003Longiesm-1

He was having fun out in the dirt, chasing the chickens around the yard. Xander kindly sacrificed his popsicle to slow him down long enough for the picture. I also asked Xander if he could grab my grey card (for the white balance) and he zoomed right out with it and held it in place.

He really is eager to help out. We were both trying to be quick to make sure Simon didn’t run toward the edge of the unfinished deck.

Dsc 0006Wb

lost baby in the backyard

Isaac came in to tell me there was a new kind of animal in the backyard that looks like a nutria. He said it scared him by moving quickly when he PET IT’S HEAD. haha! no fear Isaac?

Sure enough it was a baby nutria. The tiniest I’ve seen.

The chickens were checking it out. All images can be clicked on for a closer look.

Dsc 0006Sm-11

Dsc 0016Sm-6

Dsc 0024Sm-9

Dsc 0027Sm-5

I tried to move it across the street to the pond but it just sat there and started to come back toward me. All while a big, stray tom cat was sauntering up. So I carried it back to my backyard and set it where we found it and left it. Hopefully mom will find it again.

after a long day of work

The sun starts to set. My man is doing an awesome job on the deck. He’s framing out the stairs now. I’ll have to get a better deck pic tomorrow with the wider angle lens. These were shot from the deck, looking down.

Dsc 0013-2Sm

Dsc 0012-2Sm

I need this bike!

A neighbor told me about these family bikes after I complained about not being able to tote all three kids on my bike. Isaac doesn’t know how to ride yet and I wish we could all go out together during the day. This would be awesome for short trips, to replace the car. They aren’t sold in the USA. How can I get one?
EDIT…I found a similar cargo bike in another brand being sold in our very own city of Portland! It will cost a pretty penny. I guess I need to start saving my shekels.