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I love our neighborhood!

We call the nature area across the street “nutria area” for a reason;) It is teaming with babies right now and we love watching them huddle together on a log or swimming in the pond.

*gotta give a shout out to the VR (vibration reduction) sweetness in the nikkor 70-200mm lens! It let me get the shots with simon jostling me around in the carrier on my back. The huge lens was visibly shaking in my hands and still got decent shots!

Dsc 0001Sm-14

Dsc 0006Sm-10

clicky clicky…nice! oooh aaaaaah!

Dsc 0013Sm-9

Dsc 0021Sm-7

Dsc 0023Sm-7

Dsc 0034Sm-1

can’t pin this one down!

Dsc 0039Sm-4

so many projects

check out our “Little Deuce Coop” ha!

Dsc 0023Sm-6

(already a hen sitting inside!) they wasted no time getting in there and making it their own.

Dsc 0004Sm-21

Hen house village…

Dsc 0003Coopsm

Jason making more progress on the deck today. Can you believe he’s out there doing this by himself? and took a detour to build me a coop in two evenings. What can I say? If we ever get a divorce, it sure as heck isn’t going to be because of him. He’s perfection…a modern day jesus, minus the healing powers, keeping just the carpentry part. anyway, rambling…

Dsc 0031Sm-3

Dsc 0032Sm-7

Dsc 0041Sm-3

guessing game

What is Simon doing?

Dsc 0008Sm-15

He’s trying to see what his brothers are up to behind him.

Dsc 0013Sm-8

And whatr could this new project be?? This is the progress of one evening.

Dsc 0020Sm-7

Homeschoolers are hillbillies!

A getting to know homschoolers is going around the blog world, starting here maybe? stemming from comment: “a lot of people would rather believe stereotypes than actually get to know someone as an individual.

Hmmm, true. But who knows, maybe we fit right into that stereotype nicely! hahaha!

Why do you homeschool?

Isaac absolutely hated the idea of going to school. He would love to experience a school bus ride but the actual school part? forget it!

I have a problem with authority. I don’t like anyone telling us what to do or how to color.

I am able to work part time. I don’t need to send my kids off to be parented by the state.

I want my kids home with me. I would miss them too much.

What technique or curriculum do you use?

Unschooling…aka learning doesn’t fit into a nicely packaged box of curriculum.

Do your kids work above or below grade level (or both!)?

They don’t really work. They play, they cook, they go on adventures, they read some, they write less. They are 7,4 and 1. I imagine they might be considered “below” in some areas and way “above” in others.

What is your educational level?

Jason and I are both college grads.

Do you feel this has an effect on your teaching (both limits and abilities)?

Neither of us “teach” really. We parent just as we have done from day one. They ask, we answer or we look it up or try it together.

What does your daily schedule look like?

Sleep in late, get dressed maybe, play, go somewhere maybe, stay up late. Have fun!

Are your kids always polite and ready to learn?

Not always “polite” depending on the frustration level within a sibling conflict. Usually polite to mom and dad and friends. They are always eager to learn because they direct their own learning.

Do the kids (or you!) get frustrated?

Of course! Not related to learning but sometimes we can’t have everything Right Now.

How has this affected your parenting?

It hasn’t.

How much free time do they have?

All the time is free time.

What do they do during their free time?

Play in many different forms.

What hobbies do they have?

Nintendo DS, Transformers, play in many forms, fighting;)

What difficulties and challenges do you have with homeschooling?

None! It’s awesome!

What makes homeschooling enjoyable?

Living this life is wonderful. We enjoy each other so much and know each other so well!

How do you get involved in the community?

We join in on some of the homeschooling activities. We will be participating in the unschooling conference every year (with great joy and expectation!).

When do you have opportunities to interact with public or privately schooled children?

We see them at the park, they have a few friends in school. Since Isaac wanted to quit ballet class we haven’t been around school kids much. We love the school plays! Isaac wants to do baseball so there will be opportunity there.

Would you like more of these opportunties? How can they be created?

Its not a necessity I feel we need to seek out specifically. Kids gravitate into friendships eventually all on their own. Whether they are schooled kids or not matters little.

What is your least favorite homeschool stereotype? 🙂

The whole debate over whether parents are qualified to teach their kids, that “I could never do that” or “I leave that to the professionals.”

Guess what? I don’t need to be a teacher. Kids know best how they learn for themselves, just like we adults do. We know when something is best learned by reading, trying or consulting an expert (mentor) and so do kids.

Img 1223Sm

No hot tub on the deck

There was too much red tape for the hot tub plans so we decided to set it on a slab underneath the deck. It will be better for moving it and replacing it if we need to. Jason can get started on those posts now:)

See what cuteness I miss…

…when I have to work. Simon just tucked himself into the boppy for a nap. We’ve had this nursing pillow since Isaac was born and the kids ripped it in half last night with their rough play. It’s in the garbage now.

I heard a dad of older boys make a comment about the property damage they cause. After this last week I am starting to understand what he was talking about. A ripped pillow, a thrown toy shattered the glass of a large frame in our bedroom and they had a good time breaking the glass in our recycling bin.

woohoo! what next?

Img 1209Sm

there’s a bed in here??!!!

The kids discovered a bed in the sofa.

They were very excited with the find and want to sleep in it tonight.

It was one feature I did not want but it was several months of looking for the perfect new-to-us sofa and this one came close enough.

It’s not too bad!

Still…if I had to choose, I’d just sleep on the comfy sofa.

Img 1207Sm

I was thinking I could cast on 10 stitches and show Isaac how to knit. I learned in the third grade and it was fun for all us kids to knit pot holders in class (boys included!).

Isaac fumbles through one stitch with me and says…

“Are there people who never learn to knit?”


“Well then I want to be one of those people.”


Upgrade for couch potato family

We finally got a mammoth sofa to fit us all. Wouldn’t it figure the kids would still be sitting on top of one another?…ha!

We have an engineer coming on Monday to look at our deck plans and draft out something for our seismic zone D neighborhood. Its going to cost a chunk of change but I will have my hot tub damnit!

In the meantime the deck work is on hold so Jason gets to chill back on the new beast of a couch.

Img 1204Sm

Post holes

Jason rented a two man auger and brother-in-law Aaron helped out. It was a lot harder than expected and his arms are in a world of hurt right now. There is some tough ground under there!

Img 1188Sm

Img 1195Sm

Isaac was pretty ticked when he found out the auger was too big for him to help with. Jason will have to be more careful with statements like “you can help me dig the holes later.” oops!

Img 1191Sm

Img 1198Sm