Our little nutria area just got bigger

Holy smokes we’ve been missing out on the best parts of our nature park! My sister and I ran over without the kids and it was my first time to move freely without a baby. I was finally able to jump over the little stream and check out the other side…

The trail keeps going and opens up to another bigger pond! Frogs, ducks, dragonflies…bigger nutria. I want a kayak to slip into that pond! seriously! I don’t care if it’s only two inches deep.

Img 1301Sm

Img 1299Sm

Img 1305Sm

Img 1304Sm

Img 1315Sm

Img 1308Sm

crappy point and shoot camera! grrrr! can you make out a frog and a dragonfly? I was hoping to catch a kill. hehe! Yes, I am one penis away from being a dude.

Img 1298Sm

Lesson learned here: Don’t leave a bale of straw out, even for a few hours. The chickens will make a big mess!

Img 1331Sm

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