The third chick makes an appearance

Dsc 0046Chicks3Sm

Dsc 0048Chick3Sm

And mama finally abandoned the last two eggs. She’s foraging around the coop with her three little apprentices in tow.

The kids and I, of course, were eager to check out the remains of the unhatched eggs…

One tried to hatch but lost the battle for some reason. The other stopped developing earlier on.

Dsc 0014Unbornchicksm

The one that stopped developing early still had its huge yolk attached at the belly. So that’s how they get the nutrients they need to grow! Just like a placenta but it get smaller and smaller until its completely gone and time to hatch.

Dsc 0017Chickfetusm

Dsc 0020Chickfetusm

The one that almost hatched had just a trace amount of the yolk left…

Dsc 0015Chickfetusm

After our little biology lesson Xander says, I want to cook up an egg to eat! HAHAHA! I love that kid. Do you think he takes after his mom?

2 Responses to “The third chick makes an appearance”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Ewwww! Dead bird pictures, I’m gonna show my husband right now.

  2. Adria Sha Says:

    That is so interesting.
    I’m impressed that after all that, Xander asked for an egg. He must be a boy. 😉

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