Upgrade for couch potato family

We finally got a mammoth sofa to fit us all. Wouldn’t it figure the kids would still be sitting on top of one another?…ha!

We have an engineer coming on Monday to look at our deck plans and draft out something for our seismic zone D neighborhood. Its going to cost a chunk of change but I will have my hot tub damnit!

In the meantime the deck work is on hold so Jason gets to chill back on the new beast of a couch.

Img 1204Sm

2 Responses to “Upgrade for couch potato family”

  1. StephanieS Says:

    Love the couch!! Dh looks a wee bit comfy. lol

  2. Barbra Says:

    I am really digging that sectional. I love the perks: footstool, bed, cushiness! It fits so well to the perimeter of the room. Today, I was having a furniture meltdown. This futon has got to go.

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