Bye ladies!

Remember when I got the new ladies?

They were getting so aggressive and mean with the other ladies. When the motherly Buff Orpington decided she wanted to be a mom and sit on some eggs…the aggressive hens wanted to kick her off the nest. I found a new, wonderful home for them in Oregon city. They’ll have a lot more room to roam and a rooster to beat up on.

Since she’s so hard to wrangle up, I put her in the empty yard debris bin before she was to be picked up. A great opportunity to win a bet with Isaac…

Hey Isaac, the chicken is in the garbage!

No she isn’t!

Yes she is…wanna bet?

And now he has to buckle Xander’s seat belt for him the next two outings. I’m rich!!!!

That was mean wasn’t it?

Img 1108Sm

Img 1107Sm

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