A couple of guest unschoolers today!

I am so proud of these girls and their parents for pulling out of a bad schooling situation when it was recognized as such. They could have suffered through the last two weeks, feeling the pressure to finish what they started but they decided to stand up for themselves and walk away.

Coincidently I was just saying how I wished we had more opportunities for the kids to spend some time with kids older then they are. Isn’t it amazing how things work out!

Two fun nine year old’s Morgan and Megan…

Our curriculum today involved:

Making pancakes

Movie: Iron Giant

Alien making 101

vintage Little people

sandwich making

Chicken chasing

Park play (twice)


dog grooming


Whew! School is hard!

Dsc 0012Sm-10

Dsc 0009Sm-8

Img 0963Sm

Isaac and Xander were right up close for a garbage pick up and the shrieks of excitement! As of now, we have two aspiring garbage men:)

Img 0960Sm

Img 0979Sm

Img 0997Sm

What I learned about 9 year olds:

They are so self sufficient with serving and cutting their own food.

I don’t have a clue about their bathroom needs throughout the day (nice!)

They are still kids who need to play…

….but society expects them to act grown up.*

*I learned this when the gleam of pure joy came over Megan’s face when she saw the huge spread of Little People loot. It was quickly followed with composure and an explanation that they don’t normally “play” like this, in an apologetic tone. Sort of asking permission to sprawl out and play with toys like a little kid.

It got me thinking how unfair it is that kids are expected to be so grown up, polite and sensitive to adults needs but adults are allowed to be goofy and have fun when they choose it for themselves.

It was such a relief to see them playing with toys and talking to themselves loudly in imagination play. This means my little Isaac will still be sweet and innocent in two years!

Img 1002Sm

You better let me take your pictures on Friday!!!

Img 0968Sm

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