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What are these things hanging in the garage?

These things covered in dust…our bikes? I barely remembered how to shift gears it’s been so long.

Since I knew I was heading to my TOPS meeting (weight loss support group) with a gain (1.25 pounds) again and again it seems, I thought I’d at least ride my bike to the meeting. I made a goal to ride each day this week.

Simon pulled off his helmet immediately. But it was a fun ride! I just need to do some shopping for a tractor style seat so it doesn’t feel like an elephant booted me in the butt by the end of the week. Do they make those?

Img 1401Sm

Img 1402Sm

a few more…

Dsc 0014Bwsquareweb

Dsc 0004Bwweb

Dsc 0077Web

Kid’s First Day Out

Thought I’d check on the chickens while Zoe is at work and caught some adventure from the new little ones.

Img 1396-2

Img 1398-2

fun girls today

Wish I could keep working on this session but it is late and I have to work my no fun job this weekend;)

Dsc 0126Web

Dsc 0036Web

Dsc 0038Web

couple of pics

Img 1374Sm

All my chooks in one pic! They get along splendidly (scarfing up all the chick food)

Img 1351Sm

impulse items at the store

Those candy bars, sodas and packs of gum have no power over me but when simon and I saw this huge Spongebob balloon we had to have it!

Happy graduation! 😉

Img 1345Sm

Img 1337Sm

Our little nutria area just got bigger

Holy smokes we’ve been missing out on the best parts of our nature park! My sister and I ran over without the kids and it was my first time to move freely without a baby. I was finally able to jump over the little stream and check out the other side…

The trail keeps going and opens up to another bigger pond! Frogs, ducks, dragonflies…bigger nutria. I want a kayak to slip into that pond! seriously! I don’t care if it’s only two inches deep.

Img 1301Sm

Img 1299Sm

Img 1305Sm

Img 1304Sm

Img 1315Sm

Img 1308Sm

crappy point and shoot camera! grrrr! can you make out a frog and a dragonfly? I was hoping to catch a kill. hehe! Yes, I am one penis away from being a dude.

Img 1298Sm

Lesson learned here: Don’t leave a bale of straw out, even for a few hours. The chickens will make a big mess!

Img 1331Sm

The third chick makes an appearance

Dsc 0046Chicks3Sm

Dsc 0048Chick3Sm

And mama finally abandoned the last two eggs. She’s foraging around the coop with her three little apprentices in tow.

The kids and I, of course, were eager to check out the remains of the unhatched eggs…

One tried to hatch but lost the battle for some reason. The other stopped developing earlier on.

Dsc 0014Unbornchicksm

The one that stopped developing early still had its huge yolk attached at the belly. So that’s how they get the nutrients they need to grow! Just like a placenta but it get smaller and smaller until its completely gone and time to hatch.

Dsc 0017Chickfetusm

Dsc 0020Chickfetusm

The one that almost hatched had just a trace amount of the yolk left…

Dsc 0015Chickfetusm

After our little biology lesson Xander says, I want to cook up an egg to eat! HAHAHA! I love that kid. Do you think he takes after his mom?

two babies peeping out from under mom today

It looks like nature corrected itself in our back yard. We gave away a barred rock and a black star to make room for baby chicks and what did we get? A baby barred rock and a black star! haha!

Dsc 0009Chicks1And2Sm

Dsc 0016Chick2Sm

Yesterday I was using the binoculars to see if any new chicks were popping out and Isaac wanted to try them out too…in stealth mode. It’s too cold to leave the coop door open today.

Dsc 0005Sm-13

Plus, I have the chick food and water sitting on the ground by mama. I don’t want the other hens swooping in and eating it all!

Dsc 0029Sm-9

Oh my god the cuteness!!!!!!

I found a little peeper! We’ll see if we get anymore from the remaining four eggs.

Dsc 0006Chicksm