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another kitten dead…two left

Seriously, never doing this again. This is ridiculous! I thought this would be fun, we sit on the sidelines and watch mama cat do her thing. Nope. sick cat that barely eats and adorable kittens dying one by one.

One week with foster cat/kittens feels like a month

This is exhausting…mostly emotionally.

The mama came down with the upper respiratory infection and has been congested and not wanting to eat. We forced a few squirts of water to try and keep her milk supply up and encouraged her to eat. We lost one of the runts.

Now one of the remaining four kittens is sick, very congested and meowing since early this morning. She can’t eat if she can’t breath, so she just crawls up on her mom’s back and cries.

The kittens all blend in but the sick one is on her back, she has one nursing and two sleeping on her tail.

I can’t believe it’s only been a week.


Update…that didn’t take long. The sick kitten’s upper airway filled up with fluid and she suffocated to death. I don’t know what we could have done. I could barely handle it and Isaac held her. He held her while she died. He’s 7 and handles it way better than I.

Img 0738Kittens1Weeksm

finally testing out the new lens

Jason started up softball again and I was able to take the big lens out for a test drive. Not quite as sharp as I’d hoped, but it is a mighty big lens to hand hold and I forgot to adjust ISO down. Grainy at 100% but it doesn’t show here.

Simon on my back, kids running crazy and the chilliest wind!

Dsc 0016Sm-3

Dsc 0045Sm-3

Dsc 0047Sm-1

Dsc 0048Sm-2

Dsc 0080Sm

Dsc 0121Sm

Dsc 0114Sm

Dsc 0117Sm

Dsc 0094Sm

Unschooling: It’s a wonderful life!

One of the unschooling mama blogs I follow Swiss Army Wife summed up my current thoughts beautifully today. How things change so much when you simplify life and get to enjoy your children so much more in a carefree lifestyle.

After two kids I was adamant that was it for us. Number three was an oops and now with our transition to unschooling and just living a relaxed life I am enjoying our children so much.

The learning just happens and we don’t stress about where we need to be at what time, what they are or aren’t learning at school, what homework needs to be done, what teacher or school is judging us or our children, what labels we need to work with, what preschool we can afford, what fees we need to pay, what fundraiser we need to feel pressured into, or how little time we have between scheduling around school, homework and early bedtimes.

We have all the time! They learn in spurts and so quickly. Xander asks me to spell things out while he writes to his pen pal and Isaac pulls out the Monopoly money to pretend he is rich…I hear them both counting money together. We have play dates with interesting friends who ask questions like “if a platypus is a mammal, how does it nurse with a duck bill?” we run home and look that up…(by the way, Tonya, yes they do nurse! LOL)

All this to say, I too have gone from “two-and-through” mentality to wanting another, a *fourth* (gasp!). Jason is still uncertain, but he’s wearing down. <grin>

Wanna see what the kids and I did for school today?

A book we read a while ago had a character blowing bubbles with chewing gum. I told the kids about the time I blew a huge bubble as a kid and got it stuck in my eyebrows. The kids wanted to give it a try so I bought us a pack of Bubblicious and that’s what we did today.

I guess its been a long time since I tried because there were no big ones for me. The kids tried but no luck yet. That huge piece of gum makes me gag! I don’t know how I ever chewed it as a kid??

Img 0730Sm

Img 0729Sm

What do we have here?

Simon apparently decided it was time for a diaper change all on his own. usually he comes crying to me, but I found him playing naked…a poopy diaper on the kid’s bed and a skid down the side of the bed where he slid off. nice!

he is turning out to be quite a character. I thought Xander was going to win the class clown title but Simon might win the title with his pseudo tantrums. He lays down with his face in his arms and does some fake crying, then stands up and laughs wildly at us.

Although…Xander is cursing all the time now in Spongebob-speak, “ahhhh, tarter sauce!” or “…barnacles!” and that is pretty funny.

Img 0717Sm