Little photo session with my kids

Jason has a week long team meeting for work and wanted some new photos of the kids to share. So to the back yard we went…

Dsc 0008Smbw-3

Dsc 0014Smbw

Dsc 0015Cropbwsm

Dsc 0020Smbw

Jason says a Superman costume is no good without color, so I’ll slip one in. I’m on a b/w kick though.

Dsc 0022Sm-9

Dsc 0024Smbw

Dsc 0030Smbw

Dsc 0032Smbw

Dsc 0035Bwsm

Dsc 0036Bwsm

Dsc 0039Smbw-1

Dsc 0040Smbw

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