One week with foster cat/kittens feels like a month

This is exhausting…mostly emotionally.

The mama came down with the upper respiratory infection and has been congested and not wanting to eat. We forced a few squirts of water to try and keep her milk supply up and encouraged her to eat. We lost one of the runts.

Now one of the remaining four kittens is sick, very congested and meowing since early this morning. She can’t eat if she can’t breath, so she just crawls up on her mom’s back and cries.

The kittens all blend in but the sick one is on her back, she has one nursing and two sleeping on her tail.

I can’t believe it’s only been a week.


Update…that didn’t take long. The sick kitten’s upper airway filled up with fluid and she suffocated to death. I don’t know what we could have done. I could barely handle it and Isaac held her. He held her while she died. He’s 7 and handles it way better than I.

Img 0738Kittens1Weeksm

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