What do we have here?

Simon apparently decided it was time for a diaper change all on his own. usually he comes crying to me, but I found him playing naked…a poopy diaper on the kid’s bed and a skid down the side of the bed where he slid off. nice!

he is turning out to be quite a character. I thought Xander was going to win the class clown title but Simon might win the title with his pseudo tantrums. He lays down with his face in his arms and does some fake crying, then stands up and laughs wildly at us.

Although…Xander is cursing all the time now in Spongebob-speak, “ahhhh, tarter sauce!” or “…barnacles!” and that is pretty funny.

Img 0717Sm

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  1. Mara Says:

    Oh my goodness, that is too funny!

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