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a gift for me today

“Take a picture. It will last longer!!” (in my most childish tone)

Isaac brought me this.

Not bad, watercolor-esque background for the kit lens.

sometimes focus is crappy at distances, but mostly it’s a great lens.

Dsc 0050

a nice day

Xander asked to build a robot out of wood today. We started with hammering nails. Isaac hammered one in and that was enough for him. He was off to play with his squirt gun in the yard.

Xander hammered and hammered. On his own, he figured out smaller nails were easier for him to hammer in. He figured out how to pry the nails back out. and that was as far as we got with robot making…

Dsc 0003Sm-14

Then we dashed across the street for some play in the nature area. Have I mentioned how much I love that we have this right by our home!

Dsc 00281Sm

We found some wild mushrooms growing and Isaac suggested we get a field guide on mushrooms to tell if they were poisonous or not. does it matter that he got the bird field guide and never looks at it?? no. It’s just a part of learning this way. Its my job to facilitate and support their interests. The actual learning and motivation comes from themselves.

Dsc 0029Sm-7

Dsc 00331Sm

Dsc 0031Sm-2

Dsc 0049Sm-4

Our outing ended with Xander stuck in the mud and needing a rescue.

Dsc 00511Sm

I’m glad I didn’t have him get dressed before we left. I was afraid we’d lose the momentum if we stopped to get ready, since its only across the street:)

Dsc 0056Sm-2

Hey look! We’re stimulating the economy!

with a new deck project…

Dsc 0004Sm-20

I wanted a more usable deck with a hot tub. The hot tub is waiting in the garage.

Dsc 0005Sm-12

These two rickety structures will come down and one beautiful deck will stretch across the entire length of the house. It will serve more as an extended living space, with rails spaced to code and a gate on the stairs. Simon will be able to play safely outside with his brothers. I can’t wait!

Dsc 0007Sm-8

and just because they’re out there with me…

so so many eggs in my fridge.

Dsc 0020Chickensm

Home again after a wonderful time at Life Is Good

It was *fabulous*!!!!!!! Our hotel room was right off the pool and the kids swam twice a day. The speakers we’re awesome and the kid’s activities were fun. It was a great time to spend together, bonding and meeting other families living this wonderful lifestyle.

So many talented, fun kids in one place. We will be doing this every year, as long as its available.

revamped the video:)

first real photo shoot with baby Noa

With all these crappy snapshots on the blog lately it’s hard to believe I do have a photography biz on the side isn’t it?

But I gave her the full session…

(my fav!)

Newborn Zoe 3

Newborn Alone Zoe2

Newborn Alone Zoe 5

Newborn Details Zoe

Newborn Zoe 1

unschooling conference time!!!!!!

We are very excited to be heading to Vancouver WA tomorrow (today) for a four day “un”conference. hehe! It’s hard to believe there are enough people following this lifestyle to make up a conference. This should be fun!

We broke out the chemistry set grandma got isaac for his birthday today. Good times!

Dsc 0019Sm-8

Dsc 0012Sm-8

Dsc 0005Sm-11

Dsc 0006Sm-9

Another quick family birthday

Isaac is SEVEN!

A little dinner, a little cake, a little present opening.

Dsc 0001Sm-13

Dsc 0008Sm-13

Dsc 0037Sm-1

Dsc 0045Sm-4

And a little Noa…

Dsc 0028Sm-7

Dsc 0030Sm-7

My mama with her first granddaughter:)

Dsc 0052Sm-1

Dsc 0053Sm-2

mmmm baby goodness

Img 0774

Yes, I *need* one of these tiny baby girls.

Img 0768

Img 0767

Finally in Mama’s arms for a pic. None of my brother! doh!

Img 0784

to everyone in HYPERspace…

Isaac wants me to put this out there to everyone in “hyperspace.”

The dead snake he found in the yard.

Dsc 0001-4Sm

Dsc 0006-4Sm

yay! Jason’s home finally

Dsc 0008-2Sm