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Fairly accurate for the first half of our marriage and now I know where we’re headed.

oh Aundi and Casey….

I got the okay to put these on the blog:) My brother and sis-in-law stopped by and got pulled into the studio. They must come back in a few weeks during ultimate bellyage weeks (yeah, I make up my own language). But here she is at 32 weeks. Their first baby on the way and I can’t wait!

testing out the color on the web. for some reason the slr color images always looked washed out in every browser except Safari. Let’s try “save for web” method.

Dsc 0017 5X7Smtest-1

Dsc 0028Bwsm

Dsc 0034Bwsm-3

I didn’t put my last session up since some boobage (yes, I just add -age to the end of everything) was showing, but since she put it on her own blog and the head is cut out, I’ll go ahead anyway! hahaha! She has a sweet new baby Paige at home in Seattle. I can’t wait to get her in front of the camera.

Dsc 0041Bwsquaresm-2

Portland aerial tram

OHSU hospital has a new-ish tram that carries people up the hill from another set of buildings and parking structure below. We spent $16 for us all to take the 6 minute ride up and back. A sleek silver bullet in the sky…

(photos taken by Jason on his phone)


On a clear day we would be able to see Mt. Hood on the horizon.


neurology surgeon appointment update

Totally not what we expected.

The doctor looked at his MRI and said everything looked fine and he did not see any signs of a tethered cord at all. I asked what about the report?? they read the report to me over the phone and said “lack of movement, indicative of tethered cord”. He had not seen that report and had them fax it over so he could see what I was talking about. When he read it he said it meant nothing and there is no basis for saying that and that particular hospital seems to include that possibility in so many reports when it is unfounded.

He did not see a correlation in the foot weakness because it was only twice and came and went so quickly.

He is referring us to a urologist next for the bowel and bladder incontinence.

I am relieved he will not be needing spinal surgery! wooohooo! but also wish we knew what is going on with my little guy.

recognize…whoop whoop!

I won “Biggest Loser” at my TOPS club for the year and got a sweet little plaque and a huge bag of goods and cash. I lost a total of 40.25 pounds for the year.

I stalled out several months ago at 50 pounds lost and gained some back. It is unbelievably difficult for a foodie to stay on track with all the stress in our lives right now, but this is a nice reminder of how far I’ve come and that I’m not where I want to be yet.

Isaac takes a pic of the big loser…

Img 0529Sm

peek a boo

just a peek to see what might be under there. Yes, it looks like some major water saturation. Let’s pull up the linoleum ….

Img 0503Sm

Aaaaaaahhh!!!!!!! crumbling, wet subfloor. The smell is unreal!

This was totally our fault though, because we decided to try peel and stick tiles in our haste to get it done a couple years ago. Rookie mistake and we will never use peel and stick again.

Img 0509Sm

“I have a lot to do before the end of this month!”

Img 0511Sm

Let’s forget about it for now and smoosh our heads together for a self portrait.

Img 0512Sm

The good and the bad…

A year (and a half!) end review of our first experiences as a landlord:

The good…

We got a deposit

We screened well

Rent was paid consistently

They gave proper notice

They moved everything out

They cleaned pretty good. the kitchen is SPOTLESS. Yeah!

The bad…

The carpet is ruined

The hardwood floors are worn completely down

A door is damaged

The screen door handle is busted off

4/6 keys not returned

garage door opener not returned

Not too bad I suppose.

Tell me, does this before and after of the floors consist of “normal wear and tear?”


Dsc 0006 2Before


Img 0442After

Img 0454