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The crazy one

Waiting for another new friend to come over. Another fun play date! Its been a wonderful week. Do you like the gaming pose in the background?

Img 0630Sm

I know how you feel

That final stretch is something, ain’t it?

Dsc 0007Preggo-1

yeah baby!

Remember this?…

Img 0442After-1

See how it looks now! Gorgeous! Is it cool to tell the next renters not to wear shoes in the house? Probably not. haha!

Img 0605Sm

Queen has a new castle

In the bathroom. Hey, its better than the litter box in her face in the kennel. She seems much more cozy. I go in there every once in a while to give her some lovin’. She throws herself all over the floor at my feet for tummy rubs.

Now when will we get to see some babies?

Img 0601Sm

Img 0603Sm

Foster mama cat

My sister works for Oregon Humane Society and called yesterday to see if we would foster a pregnant mama cat. Why, yes we will!

I’m not used to keeping a cat in a kennel. I moved her kennel into Jason’s office to let her have a room to roam but she peed on a small carpet almost immediately. What is it with our bad luck with cat’s and peeing?? So she’s back in the kennel for now. This is pretty exciting waiting for kitties to arrive!

Img 0595Fostersm

a good milestone

“smarter than a monkey”…as my mom would say. Simon is using a spoon and having a bowl of cereal. This is nice! Isn’t it ridiculous the things moms blog about?

Img 0591Sm

Img 0593Sm

Img 0592Sm

The cat laid an egg

The cat sleeps in the nests occasionally during the day but moves before I can snap a pic. She actually had an egg under her this time. You might be able to see the egg if you click to the larger pic. Silly kitty.

Img 0589Sm

School day

Not! hahahahahaaha! I still get a big kick out of saying we don’t do school.

We had a fabulous new friend over and I forgot to snap a pic (gasp!). so unlike me! Lisa was just a wealth of conversation and info I guess I was too mesmerized and relaxed to think of it. I hope we can get together again soon. Her little guy Orion just fits right in.

The house isn’t cleaned but look…the kids are dressed!

Img 0579Sm

Did some research on our “sword”

It’s actually a rifle bayonet.

A WWII Japanese Imperial Arisaka Type 30 Model with a hooked quillon, used from 1897 to 1945. It has a serial number but I haven’t found a way to look that up for a more accurate date.

About $100-150 value.

Gotta love the internet, eh? 😀

The weekend is over already?

The king of the weekend rental house repairs takes a much needed moment of rest.

Img 0532Sm

The house is cleaned, walls are repaired and primed, bathroom floor repaired and new linoleum in and a new garage door opener has been installed to code.

Quite an improvement from the stinky, wet mess we uncovered last week.

Img 0568Sm

The only thing I did was prime the stained walls in every room. My arm was so sore last night! But mostly I wrangled the kids and carried Simon around on my back.Img 0556Sm

While Jason was in the attic, wiring up a new outlet for the garage opener, he found an old sword. Can you believe that? It must have been in there the whole time we lived in the house. I know the previous owner lived in the house 30+ years so maybe she knows something about it.

Img 0548Sm