foster mama cat take two

They do not mess around at the shelter. First cat picked up on Saturday, new placement on Monday.

This time we knew just what to do. Set her up in the bathroom with her birthing box, food and dustless litter. We have very obvious fetal movement so this should be a good one! She’s a lot more scared than the other cat was, so hopefully she’ll relax over the next couple days.

Img 0696Take2

Img 0697Take2

3 Responses to “foster mama cat take two”

  1. StephanieS Says:

    Here’s hoping it’s better this go ’round!

  2. Mara Says:

    Oh, how exciting! Hope everything goes well. =)

  3. Kathleen Says:

    I ddin’t realize this was a continuous thing. I thought the last one was a nice gesture you did. Very cool though, fostering pregnant kitties. I bet the boys love having a new animal to pet.

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