Three things about myself

My first instinct was, “I don’t wanna! (in my brattiest tone)” when I saw Wendy’s tag this morning. But, I’ll play along…just don’t get the word out! ha!

By the way, Wendy has a way of cracking me up at least once a day. I don’t know how she does it, but I just love that girl.

1. I am turning out to be one ballsy landlord. I’m all business and I keep a tight ship. This surprises me since I’m a back-of-the-classroom type of girl. Jason also surprises me by not wanting anything to do with the customer relations aspect of it, considering he does that type of thing for a living.

2. Two days ago I think I saw the faint beginnings of two sun spots on my hand. The silver hairs sprouting out the top of my head never bothered me, but old lady hands?? this took a moment. It’s okay. It’s all good.

3. The main living spaces of our home stay pretty picked up, but the peripheral can get quite cluttered with papers and just plain ol’ STUFF. I have to share a pic I took yesterday..but have to warn you about the clutter. haha! My poor baby felt like he needed to find his own drink yesterday and climbed up on the table to get some water. ack! what a neglectful mother I am! not cleaning the house and not feeding my baby properly!

look at this, happening right behind me while I play on my computer.

Img 0664Sm-1

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  1. Megan Says:

    That is too funny. And I know how that goes– the day I walked downstairs after being upstairs a little too long to find Nathan eating PB out of the jar with a spoon. I feel confident they could fend for themselves for an entire weekend if I left the fridge stocked and all the neccessaries down where they coudl reach!
    Kidding of course…. kind of…

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