The weekend is over already?

The king of the weekend rental house repairs takes a much needed moment of rest.

Img 0532Sm

The house is cleaned, walls are repaired and primed, bathroom floor repaired and new linoleum in and a new garage door opener has been installed to code.

Quite an improvement from the stinky, wet mess we uncovered last week.

Img 0568Sm

The only thing I did was prime the stained walls in every room. My arm was so sore last night! But mostly I wrangled the kids and carried Simon around on my back.Img 0556Sm

While Jason was in the attic, wiring up a new outlet for the garage opener, he found an old sword. Can you believe that? It must have been in there the whole time we lived in the house. I know the previous owner lived in the house 30+ years so maybe she knows something about it.

Img 0548Sm

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