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I was mocking up some baby announcements for my brother and Sis-in-law and searched for baby photos on my computer to use as stand-ins.

Look at this little guy, Jacob. One of my first sessions a couple years ago. I wonder what he looks like now. This was a tough baby session to jump into as a newbie, since he was about three months…too little to pose easily but too big to get the curled up newborn shots.

Dsc 7336Sm2

Dsc 7501Smweb

Kittens already!

Update….5 cutie kitties! I moved them onto some dry bedding (a second time) in a bigger basket. Hopefully this is all of them.

Img 0713Sm


on the third day! She’s got three so far, all alive. The kids and I watched quietly as the first baby popped out and Isaac said, “this is the best day of my life!”

We stepped out to take care of lunch and when I checked again there were two more. Can you see the three little wet heads just in front of her face? I’m in awe of how she can scarf down all those placentas! How much can she eat??

Img 0709Sm

foster mama cat take two

They do not mess around at the shelter. First cat picked up on Saturday, new placement on Monday.

This time we knew just what to do. Set her up in the bathroom with her birthing box, food and dustless litter. We have very obvious fetal movement so this should be a good one! She’s a lot more scared than the other cat was, so hopefully she’ll relax over the next couple days.

Img 0696Take2

Img 0697Take2

A girly party for my sister in law

A baby shower!

She made out like a bandit and all the girly stuff is so adorable. She has such a nice big family with lots of great women…grandmas, aunts, cousins. They know how to party.

(Aundi…I know your sister took a gazzillion photos on your camera, but if you see anything here you want, I can send ’em your way.)

Dsc 0007

Dsc 0011-1

(Gasp!) I did selective color?? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Sometimes a girl’s okay with a little tacky! hahaha!

Dsc 0019-1

Dsc 0024-1

Dsc 0001Sm-10

Dsc 0015

Dsc 0014

Portishead…new album release Tuesday!!!

Wooohooo! Love love love love love LOVE!

freckles showing? Maybe?

Click to zoom in on those babies…

Dsc 0005Smweb

Two out of three

Xander is getting a nice spread of freckles and I wanted to get a photo of them. Unfortunately they don’t show up, so I’ll have to try different lighting next time.

I’m so amazed with little freckly faces since we don’t have freckles on my side of the family. Jason is passing on his freckle goodness to the kids and I love it!

Dsc 0002Bwsm

Dsc 0012Smbw

four too small kitties

Update: Mama cat was taken back to the shelter for a check up and apparently she has three more kittens in there! Not sure if they are dead or alive yet. Wow! She had 7 kittens in her belly.


Our first mama cat fostering experience has come to a sad end.

I checked on Mama under the bed and saw her licking a kitten. My brother helped move the mattress and we found four dead babies scattered under there, still in their sacks.

I hope these aren’t too graphic to share. The kids and I found it quite interesting. and chalked it up to another learning experience.

Img 0680Sm

Three things about myself

My first instinct was, “I don’t wanna! (in my brattiest tone)” when I saw Wendy’s tag this morning. But, I’ll play along…just don’t get the word out! ha!

By the way, Wendy has a way of cracking me up at least once a day. I don’t know how she does it, but I just love that girl.

1. I am turning out to be one ballsy landlord. I’m all business and I keep a tight ship. This surprises me since I’m a back-of-the-classroom type of girl. Jason also surprises me by not wanting anything to do with the customer relations aspect of it, considering he does that type of thing for a living.

2. Two days ago I think I saw the faint beginnings of two sun spots on my hand. The silver hairs sprouting out the top of my head never bothered me, but old lady hands?? this took a moment. It’s okay. It’s all good.

3. The main living spaces of our home stay pretty picked up, but the peripheral can get quite cluttered with papers and just plain ol’ STUFF. I have to share a pic I took yesterday..but have to warn you about the clutter. haha! My poor baby felt like he needed to find his own drink yesterday and climbed up on the table to get some water. ack! what a neglectful mother I am! not cleaning the house and not feeding my baby properly!

look at this, happening right behind me while I play on my computer.

Img 0664Sm-1

gator siting

He was using the big gator head on top to bonk us with. ha! Jason had to hold him down for the pic, otherwise all my shots were a blur of green.

Img 0660Sm