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first birthday!

We packed up our pizza dough and cake and went to my parents house for Simon’s birthday party. A very casual get together, just the way we like it. I can’t believe how cost effective a party can be with 6 homemade pizzas, a box cake and two Target toy gifts! wow!

The cousins came and it was a room full of boys, per usual:)

Dsc 0021Sm-5

My nephew Ivan

Dsc 0013M

his older brothers my twin nephs Eli and Oscar

Dsc 0006Sm-6

My box cake creation.

Dsc 0026Sm-1

Dsc 0037Sm

My J-doog assembled all the pizzas. this tiny one was all that was left. We know how to clean up!

Dsc 0055Sm-1

Dsc 0047Sm

how do you eat a mango?

Its got a huge hard pit in the shape of an overgrown pumpkin seed. It makes slicing it awkward. You don’t eat the skin, I assume? and it’s too slimy to peel and hold.

We’ve been doing it like this now…

Dsc 0003Mangosm

Dsc 0004Mangosm

almost one!

getting so close. The big first birthday is tomorrow. I have a store bought cake mix and absolutely no plans.

Simon swoops in on Xander’s lunch. You snooze, you lose buddy! I think xander was more interested in setting up the batman table for lunch than the actual eating of the lunch anyway. two bites and he was off to play.

Dsc 0017Sm-5

Moments later Jason says “what the heck?? he got into my preferences and changed my homepage to ‘M’…just the letter m.”

Dsc 0001Sm-8

more cuteness

Dressed to impress…

Dsc 0004Sm-14

The twins.

Dsc 0005Sm-8

Simon gives kisses quite regularly now, unsolicited too!

Dsc 0008Sm-11


Xander looks so dashing in his red stripes…

Dsc 0014Xansm

Dsc 0016Xansm

My little tough girl in the yard. she and I are having a major stand off and she still thinks she is boss. She likes to come at me with her feet or puff out her chest. If she wasn’t laying some nice eggs every day I’d say she had some big cajones.

Dsc 0020Hensm

This is the evil eye she gives. A Miss Hanagan “kill Kill KILL!!!!”

Dsc 0018Hensm

One lovely family home for rent

First the car breaks down beyond repair and now our renters have given notice. The financial hits keep coming! Hopefully this will be enough.

If you know anyone who would like to rent a great home on a large corner lot, close to the Esplanade shopping center in a great neighborhood in Hillsboro, send them my way.

Dsc 0064

Dsc 0067



The girls have been laying their eggs in a homemade nest on the floor of the coop. I put a golf ball in the nest box to try and redirect them, but its not working.

Dsc 0016Sm-2


Dsc 0022Sm-8

Iris and daisy.

Dsc 0026Sm

meal plan monday

Detective zoe finds meals without grocery shopping.

Unfortunately the car died and we had to shell out for a new (to us) one. The Toyota Sienna is a nice van! We had been suffering through life with (gasp!) manual windows, manual door locks and no AC! Can you believe it?? Its true. It was just a car and we didn’t care really. We’d rather spend our money on other things than a car we spend so little time in.

But it died and we decided to spend a little more on something we hope will last a little longer. The new one has power everything and working ac. so fancy!

It will take us a smidge to recover from the big purchase, so lets see what’s in the cupboard.

Cheese pizza, with no extra toppings

pasta with jar of spaghetti sauce

13 bean soup without the meat

secretly delicious spinach pie (with frozen spinach instead of fresh)

brown rice and lentil casserole

Apples and a lone pear and a mango in the fruit bowl and one loaf of bread.

that should get us to payday.

sunday morning

Dsc 0010Sm-4

finally some current simon pics

Since I know how hard it is to get good ones at this age, I thought I’d start the one year pics early. He’ll be one on the 11th! Still not walking, but busy busy with the fast crawling.

Click this one to see the Simon I know. a very silly simon who loves to find the tv remote and mix things up so much I don’t know how to get things back where they were.

Dsc 0003Sm-12

Puts everything in his mouth…even this bark.

Dsc 0020Sm-5

Dsc 0033Sm-4

Dsc 0050Sm-3