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For some reason, it always works out that Zoë’s work schedule falls on at least one holiday throughout the year. Last year it was Christmas, so we opened presents on Christmas Eve and I think she even had to work Thanksgiving. That’s one of the down sides of only working part time.

Egg prep

So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she had to work this weekend, Easter weekend, next to Christmas, one of the more fun holidays for the kids. I didn’t think we would do much this year, since the egg hunt is more fun as a family (and outside), but Zoë had other plans (for me).

Img 0318

Usually we just do the plastic egg/separate halves/insert candy/join halves/hide egg thing, but with close to four dozen eggs in the fridge, Zoë wasn’t having that. Some boiling time and food coloration later, there were 32 eggs ready to be hidden. That’s going to make a lot of egg salad sandwiches. Taker’s anyone?

Img 0324

The kids had a ball finding the eggs, which we both hid this morning before Zoë left for work, then raced to open their Thriftway-special Easter baskets. Amazing how such a cheap holiday gift can bring such joy–and fights over the better foam dart gun and Lik-a-Stik candy powder all over the floor and…well, you get the picture.

Img 0360

It will be real treat when Simon can do more than just play in the fake grass.

A happy day indeed

Jason took the afternoon off to go to Safari Sams indoor jungle gym with us. We go once a month with the homeschoolers and it was so much fun to be able to share the care of simon with Jason so we could both have a chance to play up in the jungle.

On the way home we stopped at the local wetland/observatory, which we love! We are so lucky to have so many cool things close to home.

And…AND…AND!!!! I signed us up for a four day unschooling conference. I am beyond excited to hang out with so many other unschooling families. It will be just the boost we need.

While talking to the pediatrician on the phone, he asked why Isaac wasn’t in school…shouldn’t he be in first grade now? I kinda stumbled over my words before settling on “oh we homeschool…” Then I went through a battle of thoughts over what I should be doing and am I missing something with the kid’s learning. Then I relax and remind myself about how wonderful things are and how much we are learning and why we are choosing this path in the first place.

So yes…we need this conference. Four nights in a hotel, lots of fun and activities. Yippeee!

Img 0300Sm

Img 0294Sm

Img 0309Sm

Img 0302Sm

Img 0312Sm

Img 0310Sm

Img 0291Sm

was it worth the cold wet legs?

“It was worth it a little bit.”

They have jumped across this stream to get to the other side of the pond before, only it was a lot narrower. The insisted on trying:)

Img 0257Sm

last years resolution

One of my 2007 goals was to get the garage organized enough to pull the car in. At last, we acquired a little utility trailer off my favorite site and now have the means to haul stuff to the dump and thrift store.

Look at this work jason did today!


Img 0060Garage


Img 0112Garage

Img 0111Garage

Maybe that shed idea jason keeps bringing up isn’t such a bad idea.

We’re moody

Isaac caught this one while testing out the new camera. haha!

Img 0035Sm

first steps

new pocket camera!

woohooo! We went to the St. Patty’s day parade this morning, which had the lowest turnout I’ve seen. We had an entire street corner to ourselves and ended up with a stroller basket full of candy. The kids had the best time ever.

Then we went over to Best Buy to get a new point and shoot camera to replace our ancient one that broke. Wow! Its a great little camera. Still kinda fuzzy at 100% crop, but its just my p&s and I’m happy with what it can do at this tiny size.

A few test shots and some video of Simon starting his first few steps. He’s doing short runs of 3-5 steps! hmm, my video is off youtube suddenly.

Img 0013Newcamerasm

Img 0009Newcamerasm

#@*&*#@! camera!

My little simon started walking today and the flippin’ canon point and shoot with the video is broken. Smile at the Macbook, baby. Nope he just wants to kick at it and bang the buttons.

Photo 9

Photo 8

My little Isaac

Isaac is going to be seven…SEVEN! I can hardly believe it.

He’s had certain difficulties I’ve not mentioned on this blog before, but we thought it was related to encopresis…you can google it if you want. But things have gotten worse and he has lost all bladder control. I took him to the doctor again about it and we are scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday. It could be something spinal:( My mind will not ease up until we have some answers. worry worry worry…

Dsc 0002Sm-9

Dsc 0006Sm-7

Dsc 0012Sm-6

a few more

The parentals and a little simon crawling action. He tried to take a step today. Its just a matter of time.

Dsc 0005Sm-9

Isaac and cousin Ivan in play. I’m sure sound effects were involved.

Dsc 0011Sm-7

My sister and her husband Aaron (newlyweds!) and Holly in the background (cool mama to my nephs)

Dsc 0014Sm-5

Don’t we look like a wild and crazy bunch?

Dsc 0038Sm-2

Chomping on one of his gifts.

Dsc 0039Sm-3