Pet grooming skills

No joke! my one year old is turning out to be quite a child prodigy. Who would think a baby this age would even consider such a skill as pet grooming?? One barrier for me has always been the cost of good grooming shears. Not for simon. He got creative.

Gathering supplies…

Dsc 0001Sm-9

Dsc 0004Sm-15

Approach with caution and get down to work!

Dsc 0007Sm-6

Making the client feel nice and relaxed…

Dsc 0009Sm-7

Dsc 0010Sm-5

What will he dabble in next? Whatever it is, we fully support him. Your father and I are so tickled and amazed, Son! Keep at it.

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  1. Mara Says:

    That is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! What a wonderful little groomer – his client looks to be enjoying the pampering.

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